What is the reason for the visit? Where and how long do they stay? Who comes to visit the area? What are the experiences most appreciated?

Our solutions allow you to analyze the behavior of tourists and travelers, providing valuable insights for public institutions and private companies in the coordinated management of all elements related to the destination, such as: attractions, access, marketing, human resources, and prices.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms effectively process the collected data to extract specific information on tourists’ behaviour, providing full visibility on different profiles, preferences and choices.

Our customers are thus able to improve their offer, enriching the tourists’ experience with punctual solutions for actual needs.

Motion Analytica also supports companies in creating customized solutions, to meet any specific need through original and innovative projects.

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  • In-depth understanding of the tourist attractions’ catchment areas
  • Analysis of trends and patterns for mobility solution from/to points of interests
  • Identification of visitors’ mobility behaviour within the destination


  • Study of mobility demand for each user profile
  • Evidence-based support for the development of new offers and identification of opportunities
  • Monitoring of the relationship between online offer and actual tourist behaviour detected


  • Analysis of an area attractiveness based on data driven evidence
  • Provision of mobility complementary statistics for the evaluation of investment opportunities


  • Users presences and profiles
    • Residents, visitators and tourists
  • Catchment area analysis
    • Locals and foreigners
  • Tourism mobility analysis
    • PoIs co-visitations
    • O/D matrices
    • Main transportation means
    • Entry and exit point analysis
  • Trip analysis
    • Duration of the stay and distribution of nights spent
    • Distribution of the frequency of the visits
    • Centrality index

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