Motion Analytica leverages the power of advanced Data Analysis and Artificial intelligence to promote a new way of understanding human mobility.

We are business and technology consultants working in partnership with leading telecom and financial companies, and the academia to provide our customers with tailored data-driven solutions.
Our skills include data science, machine learning, data visualization, and applied R&D.


Analyze the behaviour of tourists and day-trippers in the destination, providing insights about their visit to policy makers, public and private stakeholders, and DMOs.

What do travellers visit in the destination? Where are they sleeping? Which are the main attractions they visit? Who are they? Where are they from? What are they looking for during their travel?

Motion Analytica applies artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms on data coming from sources like telecom companies, social networks, statistical repositories and context-specific databases to detail the characteristics of tourism, the mobility patterns in the destinations, and the profiles of tourists.


Improve public and private transportation management with fine-grained analysis, from the national to the local scale.

Who is moving from where to where and when? Which transportation mode they use? How is an area characterized and impacted by transportation flows?

Motion Analytica supports the definition and interpretation of the key elements of transportation using high-resolution, anonymized data in partnerships with telecom companies.


Improve the knowledge about the customers visiting shops through detailed analysis and domain-specific KPIs that allow to take action, increasing the capture rate and customer retention.

How many customers are visiting the shop? Where do they come from? What is the distribution of their dwell time? What is their repetition of visit (loyalty)? What are their shopping behaviors?

Motion Analytica integrates anonymized telecom data with additional sources such as credit card transactions, weather conditions, the calendar of events, and the distribution of holidays and working days to assess the attractiveness of a shop, the trends in the visits, and the behavior of customers.


Calculate the impact and the success of an event through the study of the characteristics of visitors and the effects on the territory where the event takes place.

Where do the event visitors come from? How many days do they stay in the destination? Are they coming by car or by plane? How many domestic and international visitor? What do they do after the event?

Motion Analytica helps city managers and event organizers to understand the behaviour of visitors, their mobility patterns and the trends of their visits. This allows to assess the impact on the destination through e.g. the aggregation of telecom data, data on expenditure and purchasing power, and sentiment analysis.


Euro Beinat
Founder & Board Member

Fabiano Benedetti
Founder & Board Member

Denis Cappellari
Founder & CEO

Diego Zonta
Chief Financial Officer

Glauco Mantegari
Head of Data & Analytics

Dario Bertocchi
Senior Travel & Tourism Data Specialist

Bruno Zamengo

Bruno Zamengo
Senior Data Scientist & Team Leader

Alessandro Nalin
Mobility Analyst and GIS Specialist


Marta Benvenuto
Marketing & Communication

Gianmarco Giordano
Data Engineer

Marco Agnolon

Marco Agnolon
Data Scientist

Enrico Bontorin

Enrico Bontorin
Data Analyst

Davide Piatteletti
Data Scientist

Pietro Grespan
Data Scientist

Luca Montini
Data Analyst

Alessandro Cucchiaro

Alessandro Cucchiaro
Data Analyst

Pierpaolo Soranzo
Data Scientist

Gianmarco Bortolami
Data Engineer

Lorenzo Padoan