Mobility in Padua and its hinterland

the project

The project on the mobility of Padua and its hinterland aimed at reconstructing the flows of movement of people. To do this we developed an Origin-Destination Matrix including the areas within the city, the municipalities of its hinterland, and the rest of Italy as a whole.

The analysis covered a period of 4 months (February thorugh May 2018) and it involved 46 areas in total. Users have been classified into 3 categories: residents of the municipality of Padua, Italian visitors (with the indication of the province of residence) and foreigners (with the indication of the nationality).

The result of the analysis, which has been made available through interactive dashboards, zoning maps, and databases, is based on monthly and daily aggregations (average day, with a distinction between weekdays and holidays), each of which is further sub-divided into 4 time slots: 07:00-09:00; 12:00-14:00; 17:00-20:00; 21:00-00:00.

We analyzed approximately 140 million trips made by 2.8 million users. For Padua we have also characterized the users based on the repetitiveness of their trips.

Vodafone - City of Padua, mobility department