Mobility ChatBot: supporting decision making in
mobility data with chatbots

Lorenzo Padoan, Margherita Cesetti, Luca Brunello, Marco Antonelli, Bruno Zamengo, Francesco Silvestri

GenAI4MoDA@MDM 2024, 1st Workshop on  Generative AI for Mobility Data

Bruxelles, 24 giugno 2024

Abstract—This paper presents an innovative chatbot architecture
designed to support decision-making in the context of
mobility data, leveraging recent advancements in Large Language
Models (LLMs). As transportation systems and locationbased
services produce more data, understanding human mobility
patterns and providing relevant insights becomes critical for effective
decision-making. The chatbot aims to offer a user-friendly
tool that allows users to interact with mobility datasets through
natural language, preventing the end user from writing complex
SQL queries and allowing them to create data visualization on
the fly.
Index Terms—Mobility data, Large Language Models, decision
making, agents


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