Cruise & Ferries

What’s the average number of foreigners transiting on this specific route? How many business-man choose my company to travel? During Messina’s stop-over, how many people decide to stay on the cruise?

After having acquired experience on multiple markets and developed pilot projects within water transportation, Motion Analytica has decided to expand towards this sector with multiple techniques to study mobility trends within cruises, ferries, and ports.

Our solution allows firms to gain a deep understanding and punctual analysis of its catchment area characteristics. By studying Telco data, alongside other private and public sources, we are able to provide valuable insights regarding customers’ behaviour. Such information can be crucial for leveraging effective strategies and efficient investment decisions.

Motion Analytica also supports companies in creating customized solutions, to meet any specific need through original and innovative projects.

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  • Comprehension of the real catchment area by assessing the main characteristics of the demand
  • Understanding of the most common mobility services used by water passengers within the destination
  • Monitoring of the competition with a constant analysis of market shares


  • Analysis of trends and neuer travel needs of different user profiles
  • Punctual definiton of demand and monitoring of market share, also related to the specific route
  • Identification of the main tourist destinations to plan coherent offers and understand new potential routes


  • Monitoring of people inflow and outflow within port areas
  • Data driven evaluation of the importance of water transport on the mobility complex
  • Identification of the main destinations and tourist experiences of passengers, to support strategic decisions


  • Analysis of boat travellers

    • Travellers profiles
    • Users’ behaviour and trends
  • Analysis of ferries trips
    • True origin – true destination
    • Multi-modal trip composition
  • Port area analysis
    • Presences
    • Users profiles (travellers and non-travellers)
  • Market share at segment and maritime company levels

    • Competitive scenario definition
    • Catchment area analysis
    • Touristic behaviour of travellers


Change the way you interpret human mobility!