Who are the main visitors of our airport? By what means of transport was it reached? What’s the age of the people who travel for work?  What is our market share for this specific route? Which airport do Dolomites’ skiers prefer?

Motion Analytica’s solution for the aviation market aims at accompanying firms in the identification and interpretation of key elements of air transportation.

By combining aggregated and anonymized mobile phone data with other proprietary and public sources such as scheduled and actual flight data, social data, and spending behaviors, we provide in-depth understanding of passenger mobility patterns and behaviors. This enables us to extract numerous insights to better comprehend catchment areas and maximize future investment decisions.

Motion Analytica also supports companies in creating customised solutions to meet any specific need, leveraging the flexibility of its solutions.



  • Understanding the actual catchment area
  • Monitoring competition and market in near real-time
  • Identifying the most utilised ground mobility services


  • Analysing trends and new travel needs of different user profiles
  • Determining the true origin and destination, and the self-connecting behaviour
  • Identifying underserved locations to develop new opportunities


  • Identifying the main destinations and experiences of tourists
  • Understanding how passengers move on the ground
  • Monitoring people streams inward and outward specific areas


  • Analysis of airport travellers
    • Travellers profiles
    • Airport users behaviour
  • Market share at segment, airlines, and airports levels
    • Competitive scenario definition
    • Catchment area analysis
    • True Origin / True Destination
  • Tourism share analysis 
    • Main destinations
    • Main entry points for each destination
    • Touristic behaviour of travellers
  • Mobility analysis within the airport area
    • Multi-modal trip composition
    • Users profiles (both travellers and non-travellers)

Change the way you interpret human mobility!