What travellers transit the most on this route? How long before do elderlies reach the station, and how? Where do my passengers come from, and where will they go next? What are the most common mobility habits of commuting students?

By using multiple data sources and sophisticated machine learning algorithms, Motion Analytica provides innovative solutions to analyse and study passengers’ data. By doing so, it is possible to breakdown the train population into clusters of interest, to better understand the typical behaviours and profiles of travellers.

The insights extracted allow firms to better understand their actual market coverage, assess possible investment strategies and find the best solutions to improve routes efficiency.

Motion Analytica also supports companies in creating customized solutions, to meet any specific need through original and innovative projects.

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  • Analysis of travellers’ trends and needs for different user profiles
  • Grasping of the latest demand and needs to support the delineation of new offerings, routes, and timetables consistent with them
  • Monitoring of the competition with a constant analysis of market shares


  • Understanding of the most common mobility services used by train passengers within the destination
  • Assessment of multi-modal passenger behaviours
  • Identification of the actual catchment area of the station and surrounding areas


  • Examination and monitoring of people entering and leaving the State
  • Evaluation of the actual importance of rail transport on the overall transportation market
  • Identification and assessment of the main destinations reached by train passengers within the destination


  • Train travellers analysis
    • Travellers profiles
    • Users’ train station behaviour and trends
  • Analysis of mobility patterns within the station
    • Multi-modal trip composition
    • Visitors’ profiles (travallers, workers, and other)
  • Market share at segment and railway company levels
    • Competitive scenario definition
    • Catchment area analysis
    • True Origin / True Destination
  • Tourism share analysis
    • Main destinations
    • Main entry points for each destination
    • Touristic behaviour of travellers 


Change the way you interpret human mobility!