Progetto “Realizzazione piattaforma “Motion Analytica”_EN

Project “Implementation of the platform called “Motion Analytica” to provide services in tourism and mobility by leveraging the value contained in big data”

Grants for research and development activities, cyber security, big data and digital skills development and for business merger and acquisition activities in the form of tax credit to offset taxes and social security contributions and insurance premiums (R.L. DECEMBER 28, 2018 N. 29, ART 2)

Grant awarded to Motion Analytica: € 67,500.00
Allowed spending: € 135,000.00


The activities carried out by Motion Analytica during the project were aimed at creating a business analytics platform and machine learning services using multiple data sources (telecommunications, space usage data, transportation, reviews, local tourism, events, weather data).

The business objective of the platform is to increase the understanding of tourism and mobility-related phenomena by enabling both public entities and private tourism service companies (e.g., stores, e-commerce or booking sites) to monitor their destinations, personalize their offerings and influence the choices of residents and travelers, manage their business risks, capture trends and better allocate their capital. The activities were carried out according to several phases.

  1. First phase, analysis of the data that will flow into the platform and estimation of related volumes;
  2. Second phase, research of the best architecture among currently available big data solutions;
  3. Third phase, implementation of an architectural prototype;
  4. Fourth phase, implementation and deployment of the optimized solution into production;
  5. Fifth phase, infasing and rationalization of the data already available in the new architecture;
  6. Sixth phase, migration of models already implemented within the new architecture.