Urban mobility

Which mode of transport do night workers prefer? How is an area characterized and influenced by transport flows? How can I optimize my services in the area? How can I review my urban mobility plan to make it sustainable based on true data?

By leveraging our proprietary solutions in machine learning and artificial intelligence, it is possible to deeply analyse and understand urban mobility patterns.

Motion Analytica combines Telco data with numerous other sources, both private and public, to obtain a clear delineation of mobility flows within the city, understand the most frequently visited locations, and figure out the mobility alternatives that best match real demand.

Motion Analytica also supports companies in creating customized solutions, to meet any specific need through original and innovative projects.

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  • In-depth understanding of displacement trends within the urban area
  • Identification of the most frequent gathering locations and the routes selected to reach them
  • Study in the efficiency of public transport and the use of eco-friendly modes of travel


  • Monitoring of new trends and travel need to offer up-to-date solutions and offerings
  • Recognition of the most congested areas and possible route alternatives
  • Identification of the main urban attractors to contribute to the optimization of mobility services


  • Analysis of multimodal mobility of different profiles within the city
  • Provide valuable insights to support vehicle rental decisions that are more consistent with actual demand


  • Analysis of urban presences
    • Resident and visitor profiling
    • Categorization of users based on mobility patterns
    • Comparity study and data integration with official statistics
  • Analysis of mobility

    • O/D matrices between areas within the city
    • True origin – true destination
    • Multi-modal trip composition
  • Co-visitation and PoIs analysis
    • Identification of the main mobility attractors
    • Dwell time distribution
  • Road accident analysis
    • Flows and accident scenarios for supporting predictive modelling


Change the way you interpret human mobility!