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“Motion Analytica Platform” project

DPREG. 165/PRES. of 18/09/2019 as amended: Regulation containing criteria and procedures for granting incentives in the form of vouchers to small and medium-sized enterprises in the manufacturing and services sector, for the acquisition of services aimed at promoting innovation activities, pursuant to Article 20 of Regional Law February 20, 2015, no. 3

Grant awarded to Motion Analytica: € 20,000.00
Allowed spending: € 40,000.00


The project was based on the integration of various forms of big data capable of illustrating the tourist experience in toto and offering insights and performance levels of the territory to businesses in the tourism (accommodation), agribusiness (catering) and experiential (trips, guides, activities) supply chain. The data used made it possible to study the mobility of the visitor, tourist and hiker, through telco data, identify his or her travel motivation related to the destination visited (mapping of the territory’s offerings with data from the web and web reputation levels) and his or her sentiment related to the visit (extracted from reviews and social).


The objectives realized were a reflection of the various phases implemented. The first phase, the start-up phase, involved identifying and implementing a business strategy for the world of tourism, through a system of mapping sources of big and small data. The second phase involved the analysis of the above data, which allowed, in the third phase, the creation of several standard profiles of visitors, each with well-defined characteristics useful for the purpose of profiling the offer and customizing it. In the fourth phase there was the implementation of data visualization through a tool that allowed the optimal representation of all available information. The last phase, on the other hand, was characterized by the interpretation of all the indicators and profiles obtained.