PoliS-Lombardia and Vodafone Italy: developing public policies using mobile phone data

Case study


Motion Analytica joined PoliS-Lombardia and Vodafone Business in an experimental research project with the goal of optimizing local public policy, developing new value-added services and driving investment, while maintaining a strict focus on privacy.


Metropolitan City of Milan
Lombardy Region

City Users-Tourism-Mobility

The research was presented at the event “Politiche data-driven. I dati digitali della telefonia mobile per le politiche pubbliche” held on June 19, 2023 at the striking Belvedere Jannacci of the Palazzo Pirelli. Notable participants included the President of the Lombardy Region, Attilio Fontana, the President of Vodafone Italia, Pietro Guindani, the President of the Communications Guarantee Authority, Giacomo La Sorella, as well as professors Giovanni Azzone and Gian Carlo Blangiardo.

The technology used in the analysis is Vodafone Analytics, a Big Data solution from Vodafone Business Italia that enables the analysis of data on Vodafone’s mobile network activity and to derive, in full compliance with privacy regulations, analysis and information on attendance, mobility and population flows referring to the entire universe of mobile phone users.


The data analyzed in the different projects refer to a period from December 1, 2021 to April 30, 2023, to date.
Three specific analyses conducted using Vodafone Analytics were presented during the meeting:

  • City users
  • Tourist presences in Lombardy
  • Traffic on Lombardy’s Via Olimpica (Milan – Bormio – Livigno)

The data made available on dashboards and periodic reports will be usable by the territories within the Digital Lab of PoliS-Lombardia, a physical and virtual place where it is possible to obtain and process materials to support the institutional development initiatives of the territories.

The “City users” project analyzes data from Milan (down to the level of the Census Area), the other provincial capitals in Lombardy, and the municipalities in the Metropolitan City, to take a snapshot of the quantities, demographic characteristics (age and gender) and origins for the people who travel to the city every day: where they come from, in what time zone, from what travel route and for what length of stay, always in compliance with privacy regulations.

The “Tourism” project delves into attendance, provenance, length of stay and summary demographic data (age and gender) for different categories of visitors in 200 areas of Lombardy with a particular vocation for tourism.

The “Via olimpica lombarda” project analyzes traffic characteristics on the road route from Milan to Bormio and Livigno at different times of the day, dividing it into different sections.

Finally, a study was conducted on the composition of spectators (origins, nationalities, gender and age groups for Italians) of the two Champions League semifinals held at San Siro between AC Milan and Inter.


Through an approach based on data analysis, the territory can gain significant added value for the development and improvement of services, business activities, and lifestyles. The goal of this project is to extend the capacity to analyze mobility phenomena in the Lombardy region and create an accessible information hub to support infrastructure investment and development strategies throughout the Lombardy region.

The data analyzed will be made accessible through dashboards and periodic reports, which will be available to territories within the PoliS-Lombardia Digital Lab. The Digital Lab represents both a physical and virtual environment, where supporting materials for institutional initiatives aimed at the development of territories can be accessed and processed.

This approach will make it possible to obtain detailed and up-to-date information on mobility flows, demographic characteristics and other relevant variables for territorial planning. This will make it possible to improve understanding of current phenomena and to adopt targeted strategies for improving infrastructure and services, promoting sustainable development and quality of life in the Lombardy region.


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